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Decorative and Iron Fencing

  • Residential

Homeowners represent the biggest market for ornamental fence, about 70 percent. The spaced picket design allows a homeowner to see the property while also securing it. Ornamental fencing is seen a lot in upscale areas. It’s used to define boundaries and show off landscaping.

Most ornamental fences are constructed so a child cannot slip through the vertical pickets or climb the fence, and come in a variety of colors.The most popular colors for residential ornamental fencing are black, white and bronze. Or homeowners can choose a paint finish for their ornamental fence that matches their home.

  • Commercial
Commercial uses for ornamental fencing are virtually limitless. They’re used to enclose golf courses, apartments, shopping centers and national parks.

Ornamental fencing is available in a variety of strengths, heights and wall thickness.

It is recommended that larger, taller tubes with thicker walls be used in commercial applications. If the fence is constructed in a busy area, it’s likely people will lean on it, someone might hang signs on it, etc. The fence will need to be a little stronger than one constructed in a residential neighborhood to withstand the stress of the weight.

In addition to good looks, ornamental fencing can protect property as well. At some greenhouses a metal mesh has been installed on the pickets so people can see the plants through the fence, but can’t reach in and take them.

  • Industrial
Ornamental fencing is a strong, effective barrier that is suitable for protecting embassies, corporate headquarters, military bases and other industrial sites.

Both aluminum and steel are appropriate barriers in low- and medium-security areas. For high security areas, steel is more appropriate because it is more rigid and harder to cut.

Several accessories and styles are available to make ornamental fences even more secure. To restrict the view of the property, the pickets can be thicker, or the view can be totally obstructed by attaching solid or louvered metal sheets to the pickets.

A taller fence also helps secure a property by discouraging climbing and further restricting the view, and solid gates help secure entryways.

Other security items like hydraulic gates with alarms, free exit gates and panic gates are also available.

  • Swimming Pools

Seventy percent of ornamental aluminum fences are constructed around residential pools. The open picket design of ornamental fencing allows adults to monitor the activity in the pool area from other areas of the yard.

Ornamental aluminum and higher-end steel fences are ideal for enclosing pools because the damp environment of a pool area does not affect them.

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