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  • Residential 

Many homeowners appreciate the classic look and feel of wood fencing. Because there is such a wide range of styles and finishes available, consumers have the ability to choose a look that will suit both their taste and their needs. 

Cedar fencing and Picket fences add a traditional touch to a home, as well as providing privacy and security. A solid privacy fence will add an extra touch of solitude to a yard. This type of fence can also protect against harsh winds and distracting street noise. Both picket and privacy fences ensure that a yard is safe for children and pets to enjoy. 

To cover a larger area, many homeowners choose a type of post and rail fence. This style can give a more rustic and open feel to a yard. While many people choose to leave their wood fence natural, they also have the option to stain or paint the wood to match their homes. 

  • Commercial 

Wood fencing has several qualities that make it versatile enough for a variety of commercial applications. 

Wood fencing is quite common in commercial uses. It can provide privacy around big developments. In addition to privacy, many large property developers appreciate the aesthetic value of wood fencing. 

A rail fence can cover a large area and add a rustic touch to a business. A picket fence adds a traditional feeling to a shopping center or restaurant. Privacy fencing can shield patrons from noise and weather. It can also provide a screen for functional necessities such as dumpsters. The wide variety of accessories available for wood fencing allows businesses to customize a fence to match their style and needs. 

  • Agricultural 

The natural feel of wood fencing makes it an ideal choice for use in the agricultural field. Wood can blend into its surroundings, making it pleasing to the eye and to the environment. 

Post and rail styles of fencing are very common on ranches and farms. Because it uses less wood than other styles of fencing, post and rail fencing covers large amounts of land economically. It also provides a safe way to contain livestock. To add additional safety, a mesh can be added to the back of a post and rail fence to keep small animals away from livestock or horses. 

Wood fencing can be constructed of many different woods and in many styles and types

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